The following National Consultations are now available to complete

General Pharmaceutical Council

Regulation of community pharmacies.
Proposals include:
• introducing unannounced inspections
• carrying out 3 types of inspections (routine, intelligence-led and themed)
• changing the potential outcomes to standards met’ / ‘not all standards met, with 4 levels (standards not all met, standards met, good practice and excellent practice)
• publishing inspection reports for the first time
Thursday 9th August 2018
Royal Pharmaceutical SocietyDraft polypharmacy guidelines for healthcare professionals.
Clinical guidance to enhance safety for patients on multiple medications
Tuesday 28th August 2018
Department of Health & Social CareDispensing errors.
Proposal to change legislation on dispensing errors and clarify governance arrangements for community pharmacies. Would strengthen defences for hospital-based pharmacists and would clarify the roles of responsible pharmacists and superintendent pharmacists
Tuesday 11th September 2018
General Pharmaceutical Council
Publication and disclosure policy
including information disclosed about individuals subject to fitness-to-practise procedures. Includes changes to the length of time sanctions/suspension appear on register, info about restoration after suspension, balancing public interest and rights of individuals etc
Friday 14thSeptember 2018