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Campaigns for 2021 are now available HLP campaigns 2021 Document 2

The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) framework is a tiered commissioning framework aimed at achieving consistent delivery of a broad range of high quality services through community pharmacies to meet local need, improving the health and wellbeing of the local population and helping to reduce health inequalities.

The HLP framework is underpinned by three enablers:

  • workforce development – a skilled team to pro-actively support and promote behaviour change, improving health and wellbeing;
  • premises that are fit for purpose; and
  • engagement with the local community, other health professionals (especially GPs), social care and public health professionals and local authorities

More information 

HLP is now part of the Quality Payments and pharmacies signed up to HLP need to ensure they document all the require evidence. To do this Community Pharmacy Cumbria have developed the material and arrange network session.

Network sessions are planned for 2020/21 and will be available to book via Eventbrite

To help with recording interventions all pharmacies have access the HLP service on Pharmoutcomes. This will be evidence towards HLP status. To record in pharmacy a paper version is available: Conversation-Sheet March 2021

Other documents that will help with HLP evidence is below

Holding a Health Promotion Event/Campaign 

Plan you campaign – Plan how, who, when and what is needed for each campaign. This is to be linked in with the HLP PH campaign document and helps ensure everyone is aware of what needs to be achieved for each campaign. Action Plan 

How to set out a Health Zone and what is needed Health Promotion Zone HLZ – Guide

Log each campaign by completing the conversation sheet and recording the evidence with a photograph and completing the HLP Log

Lots of resources are available and these are available on the 2020/21 HLP campaign document.

HLP checklist will also help ensure you have all the required criteria and to monitor HLP annually or more frequently.

Public Health – JSNA PNA


HLP leadership training via CPPE , Pharmacy Complete, Buttercups or NPA

Training Providers for HLP champions Pharmacy completeButtercups, NPA

Copeland Age and Advice Service (CAAS)

3rd July 2019

Copeland Age and Advice Service (CAAS), is a brand new Social Enterprise in West Cumbria that will provide information, advice and support to individuals over the age of fifty-five in relation to financial matters, housing issues and in enabling people to continue to live safely and independently in their own homes in the Copeland area wherever they choose.

Further information on the services they can offer can be found here: CAAS Project Introduction

Other Information

Public Health – JSNA PNA
Adult Carers Newsletter May 2018
HLP – PSNC News Brief
Stay Active  Gov.uk
Beat the Heat Leaflet

HLP Network Session Dates for 2020.

Book places for these events on EVENTBRITE – Campaign material will be given out at these sessions.

Oval Centre Workington
10:00 -12.30
4th March 202014th July 202017th Nov 2020
Morton Community Centre Carlisle 10:00 -12.303rd March 202015th July 202018th Nov 2020
Ambleside Parish Church
10:00 -12.30
12th March 202016th July 202024th Nov 2020
Barrow AFC
10:30 -13:00
19th March 202021st  July 202025th Nov 2020

If you require any help please email – info@communitypharmacycumbria.org