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Health Worker Testing – Primary Care

In line with national guidance, NHSE & I are mobilising testing for health and social care staff.

Eligibility for testing is as follows:

  • Self-isolating because NHS worker is symptomatic: In this instance the NHS keyworker is the only eligible person in their household to receive a COVID-19 test. No other members of their household are eligible.
  • Self-isolating because an adult (over 18) in their household is symptomatic, but the key worker is not: In this instance only the adult household member(s) of the NHS keyworker is eligible to come to a test centre to receive a COVID-19 test. It is that household member(s) whose data must be collected and sent to The National Test Centres – with the key workers name noted. The key worker will not receive a test. If more than one household member is symptomatic, but not the NHS worker, then all household members should be tested.
  • Self-isolating because a child (under 18) in their household member is symptomatic, but the key worker is not: we are awaiting further guidance on this
  • Self-isolating for other reasons: If the NHS keyworker is self-isolating for other reasons and is not themselves symptomatic, they are not eligible to be tested


Please complete the following table outlining which member of staff wishes to be tested.  The first of the new testing sites (TO BE CONFRIMED) started work this week (w/c DATE TO BE CONFIRMED), adding capacity for this area: please indicate on the form if the member of staff is able to travel or be driven to this site or not.  There will be further sites rolled out in the coming weeks and the form will be re-circulated as appropriate.

Test Request Form- TO BE CONFIRMED

Please use the form to detail how staff meet the criteria and prioritise staff within your practice.

Forms should be emailed to

(NHSE email  NHSE NEY/ Lancs to be confirmed for North Cumbria /South Cumbria)

by 10am each day.

Testing sites for North Cumbria (NHSE -North East and Yorkshire)

Testing Sites for South Cumbria ( -NHSE -Lancashire/North West)




March 2020

Testing for COVID-19

At the end of March 2020, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock announced a new coronavirus testing programme, in collaboration with industry, for which NHS staff, including those in primary care, will be first in line.

Read the announcement on GOV.UK

The testing is being carried out in three new hub laboratories, with partners including Amazon, Royal Mail and Boots helping to make the tests available to NHS staff.

The tests are free and will allow those who test negative for coronavirus to return to work. They will be available from drive-through locations, not to purchase from retail outlets.

Community pharmacy team members are included in this programme and the tests are aimed at:

  • Health and care key workers who have symptoms of COVID-19 and are following Government guidelines on self-isolation; or
  • A member of a health and care key worker’s household who has symptoms of COVID-19, and the key worker is following government guidelines and self-isolating.

Drive-through test centres are now being set up across England. After swabs have been taken at the test centre, they will be sent to a testing lab and staff will receive their results, normally within 48 hours. Staff are then asked to inform their employer of their results and their employer will advise on the appropriate next steps.

While some test centres are already in operation, NHSE&I are still in the process of setting up other local testing centres and more information on how to access them will be made available as soon as possible.

The processes may vary from area to area, so at this time, where a contractor wants to find out whether testing is available in their area, they should contact their LPC.